RN Seeking Part-time Remote Work

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Seeking part-time work doing chart audits,case management, and coding. Over eight years in the nursing fields. Experiance with OB, Family Medicine, Med Surgery,and PCCU.


P.O. Box 731
Pacolet, SC 29372 864-582-2411 (f) 864-699-3281
Quiantina Rena Eison
Objective To obtain a position where my professional experiences and educational background can be utilized.
Experience 2004-present ReGenesis CHC Spartanburg, SC
Quality Nurse Manager
 Coordinate all quality improvement initiatives.
 Provide leadership to team leaders in structured problem solving processes, and root cause analyses.
 Supervises clinical staff.
 Chart audits
 Risk management
 Writing policies and procedures
 Collaborate with staff members to initiate new projects (HIV initiative, Diabetes Collaborative, and JCAHO accreditation)
2002-2005 Mary Black Hospital Spartanburg, SC
RN Labor and Delivery
 Assist MD in labor and delivery of infants.
 IV therapy.
 Access, interventions, and treatment of patients.
2001-2002 Mary Black Hospital Spartanburg, SC
RN Post Critical Care Unit
 Direct Patient Care.
 IV therapy.
2002-2005 USC-Spartanburg Spartanburg, SC
RN University South Carolina Health Services
 Access and treat college students.
 Teach preventive measures.
Education 2005-2006 University of South Carolina Spartanburg, SC
 Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
1998-2000 University of South Carolina Spartanburg, SC
▪ Associate Degree in Nursing.