rotator cuff repair


Bangor, Maine
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Does 23120 always bundle into 23412? I have an open rot cuff repair and they did a subacromial decompression after the tear was repaired.

Some of the op note: "There was a transverse tear in the supraspinatus tendon at its insertioninto the greater tuberosity. This was 1.5 cm. The tendon had not retracted very far. I freshened the end of the tendon disruption with a 15 blade. I then used a small osteotome and denuded the cortex from the tuberosity adjacent to tear and anchored the tendon down into the repair site, and then it was reinforced with a couple of sutures. the subacromial decompression was then carried out using a small ostetome, removing the undersurface of the anterior surface of the acromion. There was a large anterolateral osteophyte, and this was removed as well with ronguers and a rasp. At the end of the decompression, there was no impingmenet."

Does the 23120 code even apply here or do I just simply go with the 23412 and that's it?