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To my co-leagues,

This is not a coding question but I just want to get your kind input if you can please provide me any information regarding how much should a certified coder/biller should earn. We are an ASC multi specialty (ortho, GI, obgyn,pod, reconstructive cases...etch) here in california and last year alone we did more than 7,600 cases. That is approximately in between 600-700 patients per month. So far only one person is handling all the responsibilities of coding and billing, some appeals and also other sorts of work. Any input? I appreciate it a lot. I am trying to get information online but seems really hard to get information for doing both work and I can only get info in either one of them.

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Rather than providing you with an amount, I think I can provide you with a "range". For a coder, you're paying for experience, too -- not just credentials. Also, in CA you're likely to pay higher than anywhere else except NYC due to the higher cost of living.

So, the above said, I think it would be fair to say that in CA, a coder with certification but no experience should be paid an annual salary of between $30-40K. If they have multiple certification, or have say 3 to 5 years experience, now you're likely looking at $40-50K.

If you add in other things like the person also has their BA or BS degree....or they have management experience.....or they have experience in your specialty and facility type.....then all bets are off because there are other factors that may be present, but you can't put a dollar figure on them.

The last thing that comes into play is how competitive it is in your city or area for certified coders? When you post a classified ad (electronic or hardcopy), how many resumes come in?

A good coder is worth their salary 10x during the course of their employment. They'll also help make sure that your clinicians will all stay out of jail when the RAC's come knocking at your door.

Hope this helps. If you'd like to talk in more detail, confidentially, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Mary Corkins