second ppd


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I have a patient that did not return to have his ppd read and did not read the test himself. He returned to the office and was given another ppd. Can I bill for this second ppd or is there a time limit that needs to be met for placing a ppd?
I believe that if it is outside when the test should have been read then yes, you are allowed to bill for a second test. The patient's insurance may not cover it (if the first was even going to be covered) so you might want to have the patient sign an ABN if you haven't already placed it.
Also, since the 1st ppd was never completed... the series needs to be started over.

So, the 2nd ppd for insurance purposes is really now the 1st ppd again. Kind of sticky situation. I'm thinking the patient will end up paying for one of the 3 times they will end up receiving it.

An ABN to protect your revenue is a good idea.