Seeking Employment and or Externship for additional experience at Olympia/ Yelm/Lakewood/ Tacoma/ University Place, Washington


Yelm, WA
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My name is Haydee, I am looking to see if you are accepting any positions for any coding, medical records, or any positions to get myself started in the company. I just relocated to Yelm from Vancouver, Washington a year ago and from Raeford, North Carolina prior to that as my husband is in the military and will be stationed at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Both states I have been residing at were not taking any externs or were 3 hours away- I decided to sign up for the Practicode with AAPC. I completed the Practicode training in April and am able to get the “A” removed, but I would like to get more experience in person and/or work at an entry level.

I have been a Registered Medical Assistant for 17 years- a strong background with both clinical and clerical field, I have not had more experience with just coding alone. I am applying for jobs with different companies, however, I would like to have more experience and confidence to be able to keep applying for medical coding positions. I admit that not being able to get a medical coding position with limited experience has been getting me down, but I am not letting it get the best of me. I am eager to learn, driven, focused on getting the job done. I am not afraid to ask questions or for help, I take criticism well. I strive to be able to work alone without any supervision, a team player, and I have not met a challenge I cannot accomplish or complete. I believe in taking notes, utilizing it, and using my time effectively. I have not had a job where I do not have a binder or note book nearby, or offended when my work is questioned or reviewed.

I have attached my resume. Thank you for your time and will be looking forward to you reply.

Haydee J. Karst, CPC