Shiga Toxin

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We perform the Meridian ImmunoCArd STAT EHEC test. Catalog #751630. The stool MUST be placed into the broth first. The test is performed off the broth culture at 24 hours. ImmunoCard STAT EHEC is an immunochromatographic rapid test utilizing monoclonal antibodies labeled with red-colored gold particles. The sample is applied to the chromatography paper and absorbed through the pad to the reaction zone. Any Shiga toxin (ST1 and ST2) antigen present will react with the gold particles and continue to the binding zone. At the binding zone a distinct red line forms if there is any Shiga toxin present.

We have be instructed by the Meridian to bill with 87015, 87899, and 87899.59. We need help with the descriptions for 87899 and 87899.59 to be paid with Medicare. We are putting infectious agent 1 for 87899 and infectious agent 2 for the 87899.59.

What I need to know is if anyone else is billing and being reimbursed by Medicare for this service, what codes and descriptions are you using? And, are you putting additional comments for the code on the claim?[/B]