Small intestinal Fistulectomy


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I need help on this one! Can't seem to wrap my head around it. Thanks for any help.

OP report says: Dense adhesions were _____Metzenbaum scissors. Multiple loose of bowel and colon were matted in inflammatory mass in the pelvis adjacent to the vagina. After taking these loops of bowel off of the vagina which required transection of one loop of small bowel and a colotomy repair (protected by upstream colostomy), the bowel was anastomosed with the GIA stapler end-to-end between the terminal ileum adjacent to the fold of Treves and the more proximal ileum. The suture line was oversewn with silk.....

This one has me stumped because my first inclination is to code an enterectomy, but I'm thinking that isn't right. The Operation description says : takedown of vaginal fistula.

Thanks for any thoughts! :0)