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I recently attended a spinal webinar by Zimmer. They stated that you should always put the add-on codes directly after their primary codes when posting; even though RVU order will not be accurate when posting multiple charges. An example is 63075, 63076, 22554, 22585, 22845, 22851. Normally, if you go stricly by RVU order it would look like this: 63075, 22554, 22845, 22851, 22585, 63076. Do you all agree with the webinar?

Another thing that they taught was that when using 22851 you SHOULD NOT charge by units. They want you to utilize modifier 59. Agree?

Now just a general question....if the doctor does anterior auto. iliac crest bone grafting at interspaces C4-5, C5-6 and C6-7 do I charge 20938 just once because it was only 1 incision made to harvest the graft?

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1-yes...Many of my carriers will deny the "add on" codes if they aren't billed concurrently with the primary codes.
2-yes...most of my carriers will not pay, otherwise.
3-yes...CPT codes 20930 -20938 may each be reported during the same operative session but each code may only be reported one time