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Sulphur Springs, Texas
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:confused:I have been considering furthering my "coding education" as far as compliance goes and am wanting to possibly take the certification exam on compliance. As far as studying material, all I can find that the AAPC recommends are websites. Does anyone know of any books I could look into that would give me a better idea of what I need to study. Also, any information in general on what I should expect as far as compliance goes would be appreciated!

Thank you!
I am currently studying for the CPCO. I have been studying the materials and websites that the AAPC provided as well as the OIG website and any others that deal with healthcare laws and regulations. There are no so called "study guides" for this test as of yet. I am taking it on 03/05 and feel confident with the materials that I have been using. It will mostly be mind-based recollection when you take the test. Study hard, it is well worth all the effort and you will find it to be very interesting as well,.... I do!

Kristin Felty CPC, CCC