subsequent inpatient visit billed but patient not seen?


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Hello everyone :) I'm having no luck finding information about this and am hoping you can help.

Is a subsequent hospital visit billable if the patient isn't seen? My physician was asked to consult on a patient in hospital, reviewed available notes and imaging and had a conversation with the referring physician via secure messaging. An initial care plan was developed and my physician spoke with the patients daughter later that day to discuss the care plan (patient is not capable of making their own care decisions). The patient and her daughter will be coming to our office for a visit in several weeks. A subsequent level 2 visit has been submitted for billing but I'm not sure it's a valid, billable service.

I've read some documentation indicating E/M's in the outpatient setting where the patient is not present (i.e. family conference) can be billed based on time. Does anyone know if this applies to inpatient visits as well? I'm wondering if my physician can bill an interprofessional consult (99446-99452) instead.

I appreciate any input - thanks in advance!