Supervision of a PA


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I work for a one physician office with a PA. When the physician is in surgery the PA will see patients. She has her own Medicare #, so therefore the Medicare claims are billed with her number, however, when she sees patients with other insurance it is billed out under the physicians number. Is it OK for that PA to see patients when the physician is out of the office?
Yes it is ok for the PA to see patients with out the doctor in the office. The only time that the doctor would have to be in the office is if you are billing "incident to" services, which is done under the physicians provider number. The reimbursement is a little more but it restricts the doctor. My doctors do the same thing. When they are in surgery, our PA sees patients. You should also be careful when billing under your physician's provider number because technically if they are not present in the office with the PA, it is considered fraud. Our physicians will review the PA's charts and sign off on them when they are not in the office with him. Hope this helps.

Brandy, CPC