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Does anyone know if you can bill a Medicare patient, or any patient, for an FOBT (hemoccult test) if they don't bring it back. I know you cannot bill the insurance for the test if you didn't do the test. Right now we are finding a lot of patient's have not brought their FOBT back that we gave them a while back. These patient's have been called and reminded to bring the test back. These are now expired kits. We have taken a loss on these kits and would like to charge the patient, at the least, our cost but i don't know the guidelines for doing so. Any suggestions?
I do not have any official guidelines but I would think that getting them to sign an advance notice of the fact that they would be responsible for the test kit charges might help. I know when an appointment does not show up you are allowed to charge the minimum to the patient if you have notices posted about that/ warned them about the charges in advance.