Susan Eggman RN, CPC, CPC-H


Oro Valley, AZ
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I have a questions related to the proper coding and billing of infusions. The question is can an infusion ever be seperately billable from a surgical procedure? I believe that it can if in fact the infusion was not in direct relation to the surgical procedure. An example would be a patient has an appendectomy and in the recovery room an insulin drip needed to be started. Can the hospital bill CPT 90765 for the 1st hour and 90766 for each additonal hour for the insulin infusion. Of course they would not bill the hydration CPT codes 90760 or 90761 as that is in direct relation to the surgery. This hospital states they listened in on an HCPro conference and an attorney presenting stated she did not think that an infusion would ever be seperately billable from a surgical procedure CPT code.

Clarification would be greatly appreciated. If this question could be answered prior to the next newsletter and personally to me that would be great as I really need the answer soon. Thank you so much.