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i just want to make sure that im billing correct, if a patient comes in with a laceration to the leg and the doctor puts 2cm x 3cm do i add 2+3=5 and use code 12002 ? someone told me that you dont add them together you just use the first number, so i will only use 2cm.. is that true ? i understand the whole part about if they have more than one wound on the same anotomical site that you add them but what if it is just 1 laceration that is 2cm x 3cm ?? someone told me they are put 2x3 for length and width but you only code the length..
It appears 2x3 was the size of the wound. The repair/sutures would be coded by the total length when the wound was repaired. Can you get the provider to clarify how long the total wound repair itself was? Or, even if he/she could clarify if they repaired at the 2cm or at the 3cm side?


the provider is marking the length x width thats why someone told me to use the first number, most of the time they mark to correct cm with just one number but there are times where the wound is shaped different, then they mark the length x width