Takedown pectoralis . . . . . please


Winter Springs, FL
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Doctor did a takedown of pectoralis major tendon, exploration of neurovascular bundle.

I am thinking 23440 for the takedown of the pectoralis major tendon, but have no clue
about the exploration of the neurovascular bundle. The report reads:

I then evaluated and explored the neurovascular bundle. This was done under loupe magnification, and was well out of the operative field deep and posterior to the area where the pectoralis major tendon had been repaired. The axillary sheath was evaluated. The sheath was intact with no violation of the sheath and no hematoma in this area. In the area of the operation, the sheath was incised and the neurovascular bundle was evaluated. The median and ulnar nerve were stimulated and the nerves were intact.
Also am I correct with the 23440 ? That is for the bicep, and this is the pectoralis.
Please help, ?
Thank you