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Hey everyone,

Im about to take the CPC in April. I have been out of school for quite a while. Although I work in the field and my position is coding specialist I am still quite nervous. What does everyone recommend for more studying. Is there a particular part of the exam I should be nervous about? I am a wreck here. :confused:
I just recently passed my exam and there is no special area of study. They ask you questions on everything. If you are able to purchase the AAPC practice exams they are very helpful and just like the actual exam. I also practiced enough to get my timing down to 2min per question so I would be able to finish in the amount of time alloted. I would definatley review all guidelines in all 3 books, those are very helpful in answering the questions. I see your in the field already, but brushing up on your anatomy and medical terminology is also very helpful. Just breath and relax.
Good Luck, I'm sure you'll do just fine!
I agree. I have also been out of school for awhile. I work in the field also but some of the procedures were new to me. I bought the practice exams and the study guide.
I passed on first try. I was also nervous but everyone was.
Good Luck!
Take the practice exams, and find a good study guide for the exam. I worked through a study guide for about two months prior to the exam and used the practice exams and passed it on my first try. Get a good nights sleep prior, get there early, and don't freak out and try to cram right before you go in.
Taking the CPCO (certified professional compliance officer) exam

I am taking the CPCO exam next weekend. Has anyone taken this exam and do you have any tips?