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Phoenix, AZ
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I have a Neurologist who is new to our practice and he wants to bill everything Telehealth, he is wanting to provide Telestroke services, critical care, phone visits, Initial Inpatient Visits, Subsequent Visits. I have read the lengthy Cares ACT and I still have so many questions about Telehealth.
1. I am looking for documentation guidelines for codes G0508 and G0509? How do they differ from 99291 and 99292?
2. Can you bill the 99441-99443 codes for a telephone E/M service provided for a patient in ER that is a new patient?
3. The physician wants to bill time alone for Telehealth Inpatient E/M services as you can do for the Office E/M services, it is my understanding that you can only bill time for these services when counseling coordination of care is over 50% of the time. Or am I wrong and can he bill based on time spent for Telehealth Inpatient E/M (99221-99223, 99321-99323)?
4. What POS codes for telephone and telehealth services should we bill? I read POS 2 and then I read that 02 is lower reimbursement and should bill with the POS code that is most appropriate had they furnished the service in person.
5. Could I bill for all telephone/Telephone services with the G0 modifier since they are for telehealth services furnished for purposes of diagnosis, evaluation, or treatment of symptoms of an acute stroke or would I use the 95 modifier?