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I work for a cardiology practice, we have been using an EHR for over 6 years. I have one provider who just can't complete his work on the EHR and would like to use a paper template that we can scan in.

I have done some research on various templates online, but can't find any pertaining to cardiology. Does anybody have any they could share with me for example purposes only. He would like to create his own template, but is asking for me to provide him with some acceptable examples. If willing please email me at kmetzke@alpenaheartcenter.com. Thank you so much for any advice on using templates or examples!
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I'd encourage your provider to work within the time frame of the EHR. Scanned documenation cannot be used to abstract data for reporting---Meaningful Use, PQRS, etc. are all attaned through the use of your EHR. You'd be shooting yourself in the foot if you allow them to scan in documents--essentially a photograph of patient data that otherwise will be required to be reported on as we move forward with the meaningful use initiatives.

How do you even get a claim out the door with unsigned and incomplete EHR documentation? Maybe you should approach this as a compliance issue, rather than a provider convenience issue.