tendon transfer 3rd toe


Upland, PA
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Does anyone know of a code for tendon transfer, toe? I keep coming up with unlisted codes. Here's part of the op note...
The patient was given general
anesthesia by mask and then intubated with an IV line put in. The patient
was prepped and draped in the normal sterile fashion with application of a
well-padded thigh tourniquet. Upon gross examination the patient had a
third digit that was curled underneath the second digit. The right foot
was assumed first with a dorsal linear incision made on the third toe. The
incision was carried down to bone between the extensor tendon. All
neurovascular elements were retracted laterally. A small stab incision was
made underneath the DIP joint to tenotomize and removed the flexor tendon.
The flexor tendon was then routed and transferred through the other
incision and sutured to the capsule over the middle phalanx. This showed
good reduction of the deformity. This was sutured in the corrected
position with 5-0 Vicryl. Both skin incisions were closed with 5-0
Monocryl. Steri-Strips were put in place. Tourniquet was let down.
Hyperemia was noted to the foot. Steri-Strips were also put on the skin
with nonadherent gauze and Betadine splinting. The tourniquet was let down
on this foot. Immediate hyperemia was noted to the third digit