TOS 8 for Assistant-at-surgery modifier (80-82, AS)


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In EdgeBlast Issue 92, it was stated under "CMS Updates TOS for New HCPCS Codes" that "Surgical services billed with an assistant-at surgery modifier (80-82, AS) must be reported with TOS 8. The 8 indicator does not appear on the TOS table because its use is dependent upon the use of the appropriate modifier. (See Pub. 100-04, Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 12, "Physician/Practitioner Billing," for instructions on when assitant-at-surgery is allowable."
According to this article, this goes into effect Jan 7, 2008. Okay, if I'm reading this right, any time we bill an assistant with modifier 80, 81, 82, or AS, we'll have to use type of service 8. How does everyone plan to handle this with their computer systems? I couldn't find in the claims processing manual where this is true - can anyone tell me where to find it other than in Edge Blast?? Thanks.
It's true

And it's actually been that way in Missouri for several years. We have been over-riding all of our assistant charges to TOS 8 and getting paid properly for at least 5 years, but maybe that was just a carrier specific thing up until now. We use Medical Manager software and over-ride the type of service at the line item whenever we us modifier 80 or AS. If you can't do that, look at the file that holds your procedure codes and add codes for all your assistant surgery procedures using type of service 8. - Barbara

Thanks for the info, I am in the process of submitting trial cases to see if I can get my doctors paid for assistants.