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I work for a ob/gyn and we have not had a u/s machine in quite some time. We will be securing one from a radiologist and he will be bring in the machine and the u/s tech. He will be doing the readings and co/signed by my drs. Can we bill this-i know there was some contraversy about this a few years ago but didn't pay attention because we did not do this. I want to make sure that we are ok by going ahead and billing for these as they are being done in our office or should they be billed with technical and professional component and the payment for the rental of the u/s
machine and the tech is left up to the company that is brought in to do it.
Just want to be on the right side of this

thank you

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If the radiologist owns the equipment, and also does the read, then he is the only one who can bill for these services. You can't bill for two reads (your doc and the radiologist), and even though the equipment sits in your office, you can't bill the -TC if you don't own the equipment or employ the technician.

The way you've described it, you're providing a nice (free) service for your OB patients.