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I have a patient who has switched insurance midstream. Insurance #1 was in effect for visits 1-7, Insurnace #2 covered the next 5 visits plus delivery and post partum visits. What would be the best way to code this. I have thought about billing Ins. #1 for the antepartvisits 7 or more 59426 but I am unsure if it is appropriate to bill ins. #2 for routine care 59400. Is there a code for routine obstetric care, delivery and postpartum care only? If there is I can't seem to see it. Any advise would be appreciated.
Insurance 1 - 59426
Insurance 2 - 59410, 59425

Now, I have heard of some carriers wanting the 59400 submitted with the -52 modifier for reduced services. It may boil down to your payers reimbursement policy and guidelines for situations like this. :)
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I Agree With A Jordan But Please Let Me Know How This Work Out Because I Also Code And Bill Ob/gyn Services.

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