unbundling charges for non medicare


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Hi all,

A physician I work for requested that I unbundle charges for non medicare patients. Where can I find documentation on this? I don't feel right charging non medicare patients differently, however he is referring to a note in my Orthopaedic coding companion. This book is great! It gives good descriptions of cpt codes AND tells you at a glance what procedures are bundled into a primary procedure. However, a note on each page states, "These CCI edits are used for Medicare. Other payers may reimburse on codes listed above."

Is there documentation anywhere on this? Before I code differently for one set of patients I want to have concrete proof that it's okay. Naturally there is abundant info and warnings if anyone were to charge Medicare patients differently, but that is not the case here. He wants to charge Medicare patients within the parameters of the CCI edits and charge the others unbundled codes.

Any help is appreciated.