Urology Urodynamics and Biofeedback Coding


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My office is wondering what codes to use to get reimbursed for biofeedback? We get denials stating this is experimental and have been referring to the physical therapy department at the hospitals,but how do they get reimbursed?
Urodynamics:with the code change for 2008 of 51797 being an addon code to 51795 I am beginning to see denials and some carriers wanting us to use modifier 59. An example of services provided sameday to same patient:51726/51784-51/51741-51/51795-51 and 51797. The insurance carrier added modifier 51 to 51797 and wanted us to put modifier 59 on 51795. When I called them I was told this was an ICAP specialty denial and that code 51795 was an integral part of 51726. I cannot find this in any of my resources,nor does the description or punctuation in the code descriptions look like this is the case. Am I missing something?? Any thoughts or suggestions??