Use of modifier with unlisted CPT code


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For the life of me I cannot find this, but I thought I read somewhere that you cannot use a modifier on an unlisted CPT code. Can somebody validate this for me, or let me know if I am delusional. :D Thanks
modifiers and unlisted procedure codes

I read that just recently too. But I cannot find it either. Maybe it was the encoder that gave me the edit note. But I don't use a modifier with the unlisted codes. :)
A global period indicator of "YYY" describes carrier priced codes (often unlisted codes) and the allowance determination will take into account all aspects of the procedure performed. A 22 modifier would be inappropriate on an unlisted code, that I know for sure. Hope it helps.
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Hi, Please note that Bilateral modifier indicator provided by CMS shows that "150% bilateral payment adjustment applies", which means you can use modifers 50, LT, RT with unlisted CPT against which it is mentioned as "150% bilateral payment adjustment applies" Ex-54699. I confirmed this from Supercoder site. THANKS.
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