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V54.89 vs. V67.09 vs.V58.78


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When a pt comes in for post op visit that is not fracture care or joint replacements, what is the best diagnosis code to use for correct coding purposes. I know that the visit is global and not billable but just looking for advice that if it was what would be the appropriate code to use. For ex. a post op from carpal tunnel, which dx code would be better suited? I've been instructed that if in global use V54.89, out of global use V67.09. Just curious!


Lubbock, TX
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V67.09, I believe.

Aftercare codes are for when the patient has already had a procedure done, but still requires ongoing care during the recovery phase, OR care to treat the long-term consequences of the disease. (*Patient still healing - like when they have bone-fixation devices put on, for example).

Follow-Up codes (like V67.09) are for after the treatment has been completed, and the problem no longer exists, but the patient still needs to have continued surveillance. (*Patient has healed).

V54.89 is for fracture care NOS, so you can rule that one out, and V58.78 is for the musculoskeletal system. (Carpal Tunnel is reported with a code from the nervous system section, so if it really is aftercare, the correct code would be V58.72). There are whole paragraphs in the ICD-9's coding conventions on the difference between follow-up and aftercare, in case I didn't explain it well... :)