"Vascular protuberance in supraclinoid ICA" - ICD-9 needed for prior auth


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Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me a hand. We have a patient who recently had a (ultimately inconclusive) head MRA and we are now trying to prior auth a CTA of the Circle of Willis. The final MRA report stated "2mm diameter focal vascular protuberance in the R supraclinoid internal carotid artery," and our referral team has challenged me to come up with a code for this. (I can post further text from the report if needed). I was originally looking at 747.81, but I do not believe there is any indication that this is congenital.

The patient is symptomatic with visual disturbance and parasthesia. She has had both her brain MRI and her head MRA reports come back requesting further imaging to confirm or r/o the presence of an aneurysm. Does anyone know of a more specific code we can use for this, or should I use a nonspecific code such as 794.09?

Thank you!

Christie Anna Ertel, CPC-A