Vitrectomy with Removal of Nuclear Fragment


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Post Op Dx: Retained nuclear fragment and vitreous prolapse

Procdures: Right anterior vitrectomy and removal of nuclear fragment


The patient's right eye was anesthetized with topical lidocaine gel to which Vigamox and Xobrom were added. He was then brought to the operating room, positioned supine, and preoperative sedation was administered by the anesthesia staff. After the face was prepped and draped for surgery, the lids were retracted with lid speculum and the original cataract wound was re-opened using a Sinskey hook. The anterior vitrectomy device was setup and a limited anterior vitrectomy was required to remove the vitreous strand and the small nuclear fragment was easily aspirated at the same time. The wound was checked to make sure it was free of any vitreous and a single 10-0 nylon suture was placed to the wound and was noted to be watertight.

The physician's office coded 67005 and 66840, but wouldn't the fragment be considered a foreign body? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!