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Greensboro, NC
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I am working with a practice that does a weight reduction clinic as part of their practice. This is separate from the medical practice. The patient's are told up front that it is all self pay. They meet with the patients on a weekly basis and want to charge like other weight loss clinics, like a meeting fee, but maybe say a "weight management evaluation". They are not using any cpt codes for this evaluation. They then give the patient a receipt for the payment. Some patients are sending this to their insurance company, and then the insurance company is stating this should be on a CMS 1500 form.
Since we are not using any cpt codes, I believe that this should not be on a CMS 1500 form. They do not want to file any insurance, and they want the patient to be completely responsible for the bill. Any suggestions, or has anyone had any experience with this type of scenario that I could contact you?
Cynthia Robinson