Wound Care - charge an E/M code


Albany, KY
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I have just started billing for wound care at a nursing facility care. Can I charge an E/M code as well as a debridement of wounds on the same day and if so what modifier? These patients are new to my facility and will receive wound care/debridement qod. What modifier should we use for the debridement codes?

This type of coding is totally new to me and I am unsure of what code to use.

Can someone help me?
I bill for wound care it is not for a nursing facility but, my dr's goes to the wound care center and see's patients there and we do the charges. When he see's a patient as a new patient or a consultation visit and does a debridement also, I use the 25 modifier code on the E/M code. If they do more than one debridement then I use the 51 modifier on the second debridement.
Hope this helps, I don't know if it is differant for nursing facility care or not.