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Grantville, GA
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Hello All,

I have a quick question, anyone who can answer, please help.

I work in a Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center, I am presented with an encounter with a dx of 990 (effects of radiation, which is an indicator for hyperbaric treatments), the primary dx is 185 (prostate cancer). According to coding guidelines, am I right when I say that 185 is primary and 990 is secondary because the radiation damage occured as a result of the tx previously received for prostate cancer. My supervisor told me to code 990 as primary and 185 as secondary because the pt is being seen at our office for hyperbaric tx. I don't think that my supervisor is correct. Someone please let me know if I am right or wrong. I understand that the pt is in our office for hyperbaric tx but 990 is not his original dx. The dx of 990 occured as a result of the tx that was received for prostate cancer and although the dx of 990 is an indicator for hyperbaric tx, I don't think I should code it as his primary dx.

N. Williams, CPC
Code 990

I also bill for wound care and hyperbarics. I would use the 990 code or you might not be paid especially Medicare.