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what code would I use if my doctor calls a patient and does a visit over the telephone since patient unable to have a televisit? Are any modifiers needed and what place of service do I use?
I work for a radiation oncology practice. If a patient is seen within the global period for a new problem, can we bill for the new Dx (such as mets. to the bone)? If so, so we need a special modifier? I searched online and can only find scenarios where surgery was performed and the patient came back within the global period for a new problem. HELP PLEASE
Question I code ER's and all of a sudden they are wanting to code a Trauma Activation without critical care with a Level 3 ER there is not a CPT code for the Trauma Activation. is this right?
Question for you all regarding the "MEAT" requirements and HCC coding. I am coding a chart in which patient has history of CVA with foot drop sequela listed as an HCC under the PMH. However, the provider documents a completely normal exam with no mention of foot drop. I being told by coding management that the "MEAT" is not required for HCC codes. Is this true?
  1. Ultrasound-guided injection left gluteal region adjacent to the sciatic nerve
About 40 mg of Depo-Medrol was mixed with 4 mL of 0.25% epinephrine-free Marcaine. Under aseptic condition with ultrasound guidance, this solution was injected into the sciatic notch area on the left side. The patient tolerated this procedure well..

Can someone give the correct CPT codes for this procedure.
Dear Friends kindly clarify me about hypertension and diabetes we can code from past medical history directly without management or medication?
Hi All, Anyone can tell how to get IP DRG Coding training and which institute is best to IP-DRG Coding training in Chennai location
I obtained my CPC certification in December
I have AS degree in Health Information Technology
I will take RHIT exam soon
I am seeking a full-time Medical coding position in the Sarasota and Venice area.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you
I obtained my CPC certification in December
I have AS degree in Health Information Technology
I will take RHIT exam soon
I am seeking a full-time Medical coding position in the Sarasota and Venice area.
Any leads would be greatly appreciated
Thank you
I obtained my CPC certification in December.
I have Associate Science Honors in Health Information Technology
I will take RHIT exam soon
I am seeking a full-time Medical coding position in the Sarasota and Venice area.
Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Hi every one ,I would likes to know the CPT code for mesotherapy with dermapen . I am working as a medical coder for a cosmetic medical center Abudhabi,UAE. Kindly advise me
Hi. I failed my CPC exam. 56% 😔 my timing was bad! I didn't finish on time. Im trying to prepare to retake it. I just ordered the 2020 books because I was told that's what I will be needing to retake the test. My problem is all of my notes I wrote on my 2019 books to write them all in 2020 is going to be insane! I just need any pointers on how to prepare myself to retake it again. I really don't want to fail again.
Hi! Ive got to take again as well my advice is don’t give up! I conquered the timing by starting at the beginning of. Exam to the end if you get stuck on a difficult questions for you skip it ((I tab it with a post it) keep going then go back to the ones that seem to have you stumped you will finish the last time I finished with 40 mins to spare but I was 1% short 😞
Search this forum for CPC test tips. There are a lot on here, but this space is limited to 420 characters. I will try to PM you as well.
Skin and subcutaneous tissue divided. The superficial peroneal nerve was identified and preserved. Dissection was carried down to the capsule. Capsule was opened in line with the incision, flaps proximally and distally were developed and then repaired with a combination of 2-0 Ethibond suture in pants-over-vest fashion. Excellent stability was confirmed with manual testing.
27698 coding help please...

The following is the procedure listed in the operative report for a Brostrom ligament repair 27698. However, I am unsure if it's enough to code it. Does the doc have to specifically mention that he repaired a ligament or is his description enough? Any help is greatly appreciated.
hi ,. i would like to know what is icd 10 code used for cosmetic laser, softlight, facial , filler procedures . z41.8 or 41.1
I need an urgent help with CEUs, I have to submit 6 CEUs till December 30th I had an major accident and was not able to submit last years half CEUs so last year has already deleted, I have already got extension can any one please share the Index number from February 2018 to September 2018 my mail id is please help me if possible.
Question about the CCVTC-
Hello! I noticed you have the CCVTC certification and I was wondering if you used any charts when you tested? I am testing January of 2020 and was hoping to find what charts are the most hopeful so that I can purchase some.
Thanks so much in advance, and have a terrific Thanksgiving- Becki
I am new to urology coding and cannot figure out how to code the new J9030 update for BCG treatment. Our providers administer one vial (50mg); when billing J9030, we are being reimbursed $0.54 on the claim. Any help on this?
Hi- not sure if you heard anything back but when you bill for drugs, you always follow the HCPCS book. HCPCS list J9030 as BCG 1 mg. Since the HCPCS is listed as 1 mg, and you are billing 50 mg, your units will be 50.
You should take a look at Ensemble Health Partners. They are growing and may have openings for E/M auditor educators at the moment. Great benefits, very forward-thinking company, and very education focused.
Again I am scheduled to take the COSC. And again, the study guide and practice test are the same as last year. And to make me feel like this is a racket,II obtained the 2015 study guide, and it IS THE EXACT SAME as the current. The only difference is ICD-9. I was told by AAPC that the guides are updated when there are coding changes. So, apparently there have been no Orthopedic coding changes since 2015?
Hello all, I took my CPC exam a week and a half ago and got a failing score. Im scheduled to take it again next month and I was wondering, Do I have to take the whole thing again or do I just retake the sections I did poorly on?
Pam Brooks
Pam Brooks
You will be expected to take the entire examination over.
Autopsy (Necropsy), Exam done. what CPT we have to give, there is no other information in report.

Thanks in advance.
Billing manager just informed me NY Medicaid does not have CPT code 33274 in their fee schedule and to find another CPT code similar. I've been checking the CPT code and cannot find one. Has anyone in NY bumped into this issue with Medicaid?
I don't get it why its not in their fee schedule when I thought MCD follows Medicare guidelines. Can anyone help?
Pam Brooks
Pam Brooks
If 33274 is the code that exactly reports the service provided, then you may not 'find a similar code that will get paid". This is inappropriate coding, and your billing manager needs to be educated on compliance.
NC Medicaid- I would like to know if anyone know how to bill for the facility fee and if so- what's the code?
Pam Brooks
Pam Brooks
This is a loaded question. Facility fee for what? OP clinic? Surgical suite? It's not this simple. Consult your chargemaster manager at the hospital to determine the methodology for determining facility charges. This is typically posted from the department, not from coding (and definitely not from a physician's practice coder). Not sure you're on the right track. At the very least, we need more info.
Yes, premixed. We are simply providing it (being billed by the vendor) and administering it. I concur with your thoughts of using 95120 vs. 95165. I feel if it is given to us premixed then billing 95165 would be fraudulent since 95165 includes in the definition "supervision of the preparation." If it is premixed, how can we bill for "preparation" or "supervision of preparation"? Do you have a background in allergy?
Very minimal. But I teach CPC curriculum.
You seem to know a lot about Annual Wellness visits. I have a quick question, maybe you could help. If a patient comes in for an annual wellness visit, is seen, but leaves before the provider can complete of a plan of care for the diagnoses, is there anything the provider can bill since she spent time with the patient?
I'm currently certified as CPC-A for ICD10-CM but I'm trying to look for a training program and go for certification in ICD10-CA. Where can I start looking into this? Anyone that can suggest a training program or agency who specialize in..
Anxiously awaiting results of my 2nd attempt at CPMA certification. Just out of curiosity - has anybody ever taken a test a 2nd time and realize you received the EXACT same version as the 1st attempt? That would be odd lol.

After I get results, I'll be posting some issues I have with the CPMA exam. Not necessarily "trick" questions but the answer choices should have been better though-out.
I used the AAPC study guide for CPMA. You will need it to pass the exam, unfortunately. It's only 80 pages of material and most of the hyperlinks they provide are no longer valid.
David, sorry to hear you did not pass (you will next time). Was the second test the same or different? Thank you
In the class for CPMA, they ask questions like that where the case study is incomplete but tells you to choose and e/m.
Hello, Ms. Mitchell
I was wondering if you might be able to provide me with some examples of proper use/improper use of Aftercare and Follow-Up Diagnosis Codes in the Orthopedic Setting.

I've seen all of your comments regarding this topic, however I am now trying to explain the difference to my providers. I'm confused about when a Follow-UP code would be used vs. Aftercare. thanks a lot.