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Colonoscopy Question: When billing a SURVEILLANCE Colonoscopy with findings would you bill 00812 or 00811 with a 33 modifier?
I'm excited about starting my new career. Having difficulty finding an entry-level position in coding and billing. I'm in the Beachwood and Chagrin Falls OH area. Want to have more experience with Project Xern can't find a facility does anyone have suggestions?
Do you have any coding experience yet? Most remote coding companies require their coders to have experience, because it can be difficult to train someone who is not in person in some cases. However, there are companies who do hire new coders. My suggestion would be to create a great LinkedIn page and start there. You can make great connections on LinkedIn and ease your way into a role that you find fit.
Colonoscopy question: What you would code for "Erythema in the gastroesophageal junction"?
What is the proper code to use for physician filling out FMLA paper work?
So there is an update for infertility codes - Cigna says they no longer accept Z31.41/ Z31.83 infertility testing - what are the new codes during the diagnosis phase? before we know what is going on with the patient- ICD-10 code that is acceptable.
Is there a CPT code that can be used to bill for a nurse calling for prior authorization for medications of patients (Example: Biologics like Tremfya)? Any help would be appreciated.
HI Jim,
May I have your email. Have question on one skin substitute case. if possible.
Jim Pawloski
I'm not good with skin substitute, please ask someone else.
Coverage is limited to screening services and does not include treatment options for depression or any diseases, complications or chronic conditions resulting from depression, nor does it address therapeutic interventions such as pharmacotherapy, combination therapy (counseling and medications).

Resource: CMS National Coverage Determination 210.9 – Screening for Depression
I am currently working on Practicode to have the A removed from my name, I would love to find a part-time job as a remote entry level coder.
Needs advice -- prolonged service codes at Pediatrics practice. does anyone experience please advice. thank you.
e.g. Pediatrician was seen 10 years old estab. pt face-to-face 115 minutes.
Need only telehealth POS for office setting as of 2022. Read it's POS 10? Is this for all video and audio only or also for audio only? Does cpt 99212-99214 and 99441-99443 need modifier -95. I can't find any new info on modifier -95
If my provider does a 99204 for adrenal insufficiency consult & the provider feels the patient needs hydrocortisone injection, but then also during the exam notices a nodular goiter and does a thyroid u/s, we can bill for both of those with modifier 25, so long as the injection and the u/s are documented in standalone notes?????
Hello everyone, When coding EM charts, what warrants the level 99285? Do a provider have to document HPI 4, Review of System 10 bullets, Exam 10 bullets and, Past, family and social histories.
Holly - take a look at Ensemble Health Partners website. The company are considering CPC-As for coding positions. They strive to employ the best and encourage career development for their employees. They are also a growing company, hence the need for more coders.
It would do no harm to submit a resume - please make sure it is accurate and grammatically correct though.
Thank you.
Hello, I need help, can someone help with code "Explant endograft and placement of an aorto-uni femoral bypass graft? my surgeon did AAA surgery and he did this endograft in addition, can someone help me which code to use, please. This is Vascular surgery. I will appreciate your help! and thank you in advance. This is my first time joining this forum. Thank you agian.
Hi Pam, how can I start with xterm project? I would like to get hands on since I completed my 200 hours in Medical Billing and Coding through BOCES in NY. I haven't taken the CPC exam yet. However, I would like to learn and train as much as I can in this field.

thank you,
Pam Brooks
Pam Brooks
You can contact your local hospital or physician's offices to see if they'd be willing to take on an intern.
The deep portion of the amputated ear was sutured to the more cephalic portion of this incision with interrupted Vicryl suture.
Best code:
A horizontal incision was made at the low the amputation site and extended laterally from approximately a cm. The tissue of the neck was undermined superiorly and inferiorly and cautery obtained bipolar.The more inferior portion of this flap was sutured to the more lateral portion of the amputated ear using interrupted suture.

I currently preparing to take the CANPC and was wondering if you all had any advice you would be willing to share on how to better prepare.
I work for the NM Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. I attended the Auditcon, which was by far one of the best. It surprised me that other agencies have already dealt with the same issues we still struggle with. Through our Director, I am organizing an information system where agencies in the healthcare fraud can share resources. I would appreciate any knowledge and/or interest in participation.
Hello! happy Thursday.
I am writing because I saw a post of yours from July about wanting to recruit a new biller/coder. I know the post is old, but I was wondering if you have any similar openings. I am just starting my CPC training; but I currently work at blue cross blue shield of AZ, and I have 2 years experience in prior auths at humana. Currently I do benefits and eligibility.
We get patients occasionally, who are getting wound vac treatments with a home health agency then they come in to our office about once a week for a check in. Our provider then applies the wound vac at this appointment. I heard that we can't bill Medicare for wound vac if they are getting it done with Home Health as well.
Do you have some insight on this or can you point me to some documentation on this?
Where are CEU's loaded?
Loaded or located?
Located under the 'Education' tab, and all the way to the right, there is a collum that says "Continuing Education".
You can also submit your completed CEU's here.
Hi Denise,

my email is

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If you do email, it's best to shoot me a text message and just give me a heads up, "hey, sent an email, just an fyi" so I know to check my email.
I am taking my CPC exam next month and I am looking for an E/M chart and Vascular chart that would be helpful and allowed during the exam. Any tips would be appreciated
Error rate

I have taken on Coding office visits which I have no real experience in. I started in June and as of today I found out I have a 22% error rate. Is that horrible for a coder starting something new?
Hello, I have a question. How would you code a new patient coming in for a pregnancy test? And how would you code a new patient coming in for std? Can a CMA bill a 99202 for a new patient pregnancy test?
Thank you in advance.
Is it illegal to bill different charge amounts to payers for the same service, items, or procedure? I came from an FQHC that stated it is illegal for us to bill payers different charges but I am now working for a DME company. I can not find hard evidence on this. Any help would be appreciated.
What would the correct diagnosis coding be for re-application of splint of the wrist for fx of the distal radius? She came in with pain and swelling of the wrist. Splint removed and then reapplied. thanks!
Do I put my provider's name inbox 17 of the 1500 form as referring or supervising when billing for my PA? Please advise.