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In the patient setting, is it allow to use "consistent with" or "compatible with" to code a diagnosis?
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Neurologist is seeing a patient for followup of radiculopathy and neuropathy. She performs a neurological exam including cranial nerve exam, motor exam, sensory exam, coordination, and gait exams.

Under motor exam, she has a table/grid containing numerical values for each muscle strength tested. Is this information enough to assign CPT 95834? Not sure if this grid of numerical values per muscle constitutes a 'formal written report of the findings' that CPT Assistant references must be present in order to code this. (CPT Assistant, December 2003 Page: 7 and , November 2001 Pages: 4, 5). Otherwise, this manual muscle testing is included in the Physical Examination component of the E/M. Neurologist has coded E/M 99213 only but was wondering if the motor exam could be coded separately with documentation of the grid values per muscle.
We should not code 99213 and 95834 together. As per CPT guidelines-These codes cannot be billed together in any circumstances.
But Yes, if only 95834 is billed then muscle strength numerical values is sufficient to allow CPT 95834-but there should be total evaluation of body including hands documented [Both the Lower extremities, Upper extremities, Trunk and Hand {Fingers}].
Hello, I code for a ASC ( surgery center ) and I was wandering if you can bill a CPT code with a Modifier when billing for ASC?
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Hi I need a little help if anyone can help me out? When is the right time to use the 76 modifier? I have a situation where the surgeon did 2 different procedures with 2 seperate incisions but the codes are the same (almost) for both procedures and the dx is the same.
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Thank you for your prompt reply. I did read your original response and questioned you again because I have not met many coders who have been coding in every single field at once. I was not trying to suggest you did not have experience, and it was not my intent for you to feel demeaned in any way. I was merely trying to understand your background, as the specifics of your hematology/oncology experience are not listed anywhere in your profile, or the bio's that exist in the coding world for you.
Perhaps we will never agree on every point we make, which is what makes the world an interesting place & is completely reasonable. I appreciate the information you have shared with me & I wish you the best in the future.
Helene Roberts, CPC, CMIS, CHOC
Can anyone help me with billing for rib loc plating for open repair of rib fracture with internal fixation? The code is 0245T, however my billing dept is giving me grief over it. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure of what they are charging and does anyone have any reimbursement info (from Medicare) on it. Thanks. I really need help with this one. :)
Hello members I have just joined this group trying to network in the coding field. I have had my CPC for about 5 years and I have had such a hard time getting a coding job. Can anyone help me to find what direction do I go. I applied and they all say that you need at least 3-5 years experience. The question is how do you get the experience if no one gives you a chance? Any suggestions?
Hi, I am looking for someone who bills for podiatry to help me learn some ends and outs. Can you help?, Just started podiatry coding and need some pointers, can you email me at if you are interested
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I thought it may help if i contqacted you directly in addition to my post. My providers are looking for an auditor in the area to audit the billing practice of an ASC and a different provider would like someone to come in and review documentation for both Anesthesia and Pain Management. He would like to be sure that his documentation is supporting the billing and vice versa. They are being proactive in making sure everything in order. your thoughts and help is greatly appreciated. They are really tryi ng to get this done ASAP and i have not been able to locate anyone. I currently perfimr the billing but we would like someoen from the outside. thank you again.
Need help w/ Work Comp and PPD's and Impairment Ratings. My question is, for cpt code 99455 is this only billable during a "physical" E/M, Does the W/C carrier have to have requested the PPD be done before it can be done. Example: Can a patient be seen in follow up and Charged for that visit (if they are outside any global period) then a month later when the W/C asks for the PPD can the physician charge 99455 for supplying the PPD without seeing the patient on the date of service for the PPD. Or in this case should the Dr charge for 99080 for the PPD without bringing the patient back in? Any assistance would be appreciated!
Without seeing the op-report, if the physician performed VATS with wedge resection but he had to do a mini thoracotomy for completion of the resection, I would use 32500 wtih 32601. For lymph node dissection, depending on how much he took, check +38746. I would add V64.42 with the diagnoses as well.

Hope this helps!

I need help with with the 57 modifier and a consult 99244. Pt was seen in the ER for a injury to his ring finger, a consult was requested and the physician decided that the pt would need ORIF done emegently. Is it correct to bill his consultation 99244 with the modifier 57 append to it. Will this be considered unbundling?
Christi I am new to the coding world and learning from others, in fact I am still in school. Good luck to you..mimibee
My oncology office routinely brings chemotherapy patients back to the office to provide something they will call patient teaching (where the nurse or PA will talk about the risks of chemotherapy, side effects, etc.) Does anyone have any reliable guidelines on this? I maintain that this is not separately billable & is considered a necessary part of the initial consultation or new patient visit(even if it is done on a different DOS) When I cautioned against this, our compliance officer "repackaged" the same visit into
something she named a risk assessment visit. The levels that are being chosen are 99214s or 99215s. I need to know where to look to find some proof that this is legal.
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Hi there! I'm also an HCC coder who does coding education for various individuals. I'd love to have your contact information so we can compare notes. It's also always nice to have another "brain" to pick :)

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Serine Haugsness, CPC, CMRS
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Maria I will miss you dearly. Good Luck with the marriage. I know Ricardo will treat you well. Have fun on the Mediterranean Crusie and take lots of pictures. Can't wait to see you on our girls trip to Cancun.
Maria I will miss you dearly. Good Luck with the marriage. I know Ricardo will treat you well. Have fun on the Mediaterranean Crusie and take lots of pictures. Can't to see you on our girls trip to Cancun.
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