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    I am sure there are several new coders out there just like me. The reason I feel you should take a chance on me is because I have an extensive background in anatomy, physiology, medical procedures, dermatology and HIPAA compliance. I have done complex surgeries that require several codes and it was our job to make sure they were correct. In addition I have some experience in applying the correct codes in the system for check out. Currently in the process of completing the AAPC practicode and purchased encoderpro.
    I would like the opportunity to show a company that I am a quick learner, set personal goals, am not afraid of a challenge and enthusiastic. I have very little experience, but that could be a plus for the company and the ability to mold me as the company sees best. I also am willing to volunteer or do an internship to show that I do have the will and drive of a hard worker.
    I have attached my resume for your review and I look forward to speaking with you further regarding your available position.
    Nicole Parker