CPT 27603 vs 10140 - Drainage of a hematoma's Wiki

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    CPT 27603 vs 10140 - Drainage of a hematoma

    Choosing from Code 10140 Incision and drainage of hematoma, seroma or fluid collection and 27603 Incision and drainage, leg or ankle; deep abscess or hematoma depends on how deep the incision is: skin level or further down.

    Code 10140 is used when a hemostat bluntly penetrates the fluid pockets, allowing the fluid to evacuate. A drain may be placed, and the incision may or may not be closed. Code 27603, on the other hand, is used for dissection that’s carried down through the deep subcutaneous tissue and may be continued into the fascia or muscle to expose the hematoma. When the hematoma is identified, it’s incised and drained, irrigated and repaired in layers, or left open to continue to draining.
    Information taken from Coders’ Desk Reference - Procedures