CPT codes 93306 and 93308's Wiki

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    CPT® Codes 93306 and 93308

    Code 93306 is a complete transthoracic echo with Doppler and Colorflow. The following information is necessary to document/report a complete echo:
    • LV
    • RV
    • LA
    • RA
    • mitral, aortic, tricuspid valves
    • pericardium
    • adjacent portion of the aorta

    A follow-up or limited echocardiographic study (93308) is an examination that does not evaluate or document the attempt to evaluate all the structures that comprise the complete echocardiographic exam. This is typically limited to, or performed in follow-up of, a focused clinical concern.

    Per CPT Assistant (September 2005):
    Report of an echocardiographic study, whether complete or limited, includes an interpretation of all obtained information, documentation of all clinically
    relevant findings including quantitative measurements obtained, plus a description of any recognized abnormalities. Pertinent images, videotape, and/or digital data are
    archived for permanent storage and are available for subsequent review. Use of echocardiography not meeting these criteria is not separately reportable.