Nebulizer treatments and Peak Flows's Wiki

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    Nebulizer treatments and Peak Flows

    A peak flow meter is a plastic, L-shaped tube the patient blows into. Use of a peak flow meter is included in any evaluation and management (E/M) service provided.

    • 94010 Spirometry, including graphic record, total and timed vital capacity, expiratory flow rate measurement(s), with or without maximal voluntary ventilation is for a spirometry, including graphic record

    • 94060 Bronchodilation responsiveness, spirometry as in 94010, pre- and post-bronchodilator administration is for a spirometry, pre and post nebulizer treatment, and charge nebulizer treatment and solution.

    • 94664 Demonstration and/or evaluation of patient utilization of an aerosol generator, nebulizer, metered dose inhaler or IPPB device is used for the demo of a nebulizer OR a metered dose inhaler.