Issue #55 - January 9, 2015
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ICD-10: Move Forward without Fear
By Betty Hovey, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CPC-H, CPB, CPCD
Fear often spreads like influenza, and fear continues to hamper ICD-10 education. But using creative approaches can usually cure the fear that prevents acceptance. For example, I went to a large medical group last month for a physician ICD-10 training session ...Read More

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House Chairmen: Full Steam Ahead!
House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton and House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions released a joint statement regarding the importance of continuing the move forward with ICD-10....Read More
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Coding Snapshot
HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: The patient is a 55-year-old gentleman with long-standing morbid obesity, resistant to nonsurgical methods of weight loss with BMI of 69.7 with comorbidities of hypertension, chronic atrial fibrillation, and hyperlipidemia ...Read More
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ICD-10 Implementation Strategies
We will be sharing a number of strategies to help your practice successfully implement ICD-10-CM. Please remember to track your progress in your ICD-10 Implementation Tracker on AAPC's website.

End-to-End Testing
As CMS is offering registration for the second end-to-end testing week, it is important to see what other payers will be offering this preparatory tool. The deadline to sign up for CMS’ end-to-end testing the week of April 26-May 1, 2015 is January 9, 2015 (volunteer forms are available on the MAC websites) ...Read More
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ICD-10 News and Articles
AAPC has compiled a link that contains important ICD-10 news, articles, and information in one spot. This is a nice way to see what is going on with ICD-10 in the industry without having to search in multiple places....Read More
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Code Set Boot Camps
GA Atlanta (Jan 15 - Jan 16)
MO Kansas (Jan 29 - Jan 30)
NY Jamaica (Jan 22 - Jan 23)
OH Cincinnati (Jan 22 - Jan 23)
OK Oklahoma City (Jan 15 - Jan 16)
OR Portland (Jan 29 - Jan 30)
PA Phildadelphia (Jan 29 - Jan 30)
TN Memphis (Jan 15 - Jan 16)
TN Nashville (Jan 22 - Jan 23)
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