Issue #56 - February 13, 2015
ICD-10: Tips & Resources
Billing Company Embraces ICD-10-CM
By Hazel M. Miller, LPN, CPC-I, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P, CMBS
Medical Resource Management (MRM), an upstate New York billing company, embraced ICD-10-CM and found coding success. Owners and coders at the young billing company adopted ICD-10-CM concepts with enthusiasm and looked at as, “ICD-10-CM is just another way to code a diagnosis”...Read More
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Code Set Boot Camps
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MLN Connects National Provider Call
The Medicare Learning Network (MLN) is offering a national provider call on ICD-10 Implementation and Medicare testing on Thursday, February 26th....Read More
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Coding Snapshot
POSTOP DIAGNOSIS: Basal Cell CA. Prior BCC right lobe excised two years ago ...Read More
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ICD-10 Implementation Strategies
We will be sharing a number of strategies to help your practice successfully implement ICD-10-CM. Please remember to track your progress in your ICD-10 Implementation Tracker on AAPC's website.

Vendor Readiness
Now that we are eight months away from implementation, it is important to double check readiness with you vendors. Have they participated in testing? What were the outcomes? What services are they offering to assist your practice in preparing for ICD-10? ...Read More
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Featured Resource
ICD-10 Forum
Have an ICD-10 question? Want to ask what others are doing in preparation for ICD-10? Go to the ICD-10 forums page in the member area of the AAPC website....Read More
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Code Set Boot Camps
NY Buffalo (Mar 05 - Mar 06)
MO Cleveland (Feb 26 - Feb 27)
NY Columbus (Feb 19 - Feb 20)
OH Fort Wayne (Mar 12 - Mar 13)
OK Knoxville (Mar 12 - Mar 13)
FL Miami (Mar 05 - Mar 06)
TX San Antonio (Mar 05 - Mar 06)
CA Santa Ana (Mar 12 - Mar 13)
GA Savannah (Mar 12 - Mar 13)
SD Sioux Falls (Feb 26 - Feb 27)
MA Springfield (Mar 05 - Mar 06)
VA Virginia Beach (Feb 26 - Feb 27)
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