ICD-10 Is Going To Change Everything

ICD-10 is going to change everything, and AAPC wants to help you prepare. These resources have been created to help explain and guide you through your path to ICD-10 implementation.

Commonly Used ENT Codes

ICD-9-CM Code Diagnosis ICD-10-CM Codes
380.4 Impacted Cerumen H61.20, H61.21, H61.22, H61.23 (depending on laterality)
389.10 Sensorneur Loss Nos H90.3, H90.41, H90.42, H90.5 (depending on laterality/involvement)
477.0 Rhinitis Due to Pollen J30.1
389.18 Sensonrl Hearing Loss Bilateral H90.3
477.8 Allergic Rhinitis Etc. J30.2 (other seasonal allergic rhinitis)
J30.89 (other allergic rhinitis)
477.9 Allergic Rhinitis Nos J30.0 (vasomotor rhinitis) J30.9 (allergic rhinitis, unspecified)
780.4 Dizziness and Giddiness R42
784.7 Epistaxis R04.0
381.81 Dysfunction Eustachian Tube H69.80, H69.81, H69.82, H69.83 (depending on laterality)
472.0 Chronic Rhinitis J31.0
470 Deviated Nasal Septum J34.2
473.9 Chronic Sinusitis Nos J32.9 (and many more chronic sinusitis codes in ICD-10)
473.0 Chronic Maxillary Sinusitis J32.0
388.30 Tinnitus Nos H93.11, H93.12, H93.13, H93.19 (depending on laterality)
380.10 Infec Otitis Externa Nos H60.-- (over 20 options)

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