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Practicode for Healthcare Teams

Maximize revenue and optimize coding accuracy with Practicode.

Want to improve your team's coding proficiency? 

Practicode by AAPC engages and elevates your team to ensure coders are accurate, efficient, and driving optimal reimbursement. Improve revenue capture and compliance when you get the most accurate coding team insights to pinpoint corrective action.

Rightskill your team with insights that are matched to your revenue goals.

With Practicode, you can quickly identify skill makeup and how it changes over time with changing regulations. Measure the value of skills, and ensure your team is future-ready to align with changing needs.

"Practicode helps us to get insights into coder efficiencies so we can help them to be more successful, and happier in the right role."
- Jenny M., Practice Manager

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Maximize coder efficiencies

Do you know which coder is most impacting your revenue?

With robust features and easily accessible tools, you can leverage the power of AAPC Practicode to quantify coder accuracy and performance, pinpointing corrective action and stopping crippling reimbursement delays for your facility. 

  • Proactively monitor trends to determine corrective action  

  • Breakdown high-level key performance indicators with KPI insights 

  • Predict revenue impact based on coders’ performance  

  • Track, trend, and analyze coder skills over time  

  • Specialize assessments using your own EMR and patient data 

  • Optimize caseloads by identifying strengths/weaknesses and ways to cross-train

Practicode by AAPC is a powerful tool to identify and improve medical coders’ productivity and accuracy. Ready to see it for yourself? Complete the form on this page to a personal demo.