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Medical Chart Reviews

How do you compare?

Chart Audit - Pie Chart

This chart shows our current audit results averaged from more than 34,000 physician assessments. Where do you fit in? With even a small 20-record chart audit we can find out.

When’s the last time you validated your physician’s documentation with a medical chart review? At a minimum you may be losing revenue due to improper coding of documentation not supporting the level and scope of care provided. Worse, you’re exposing your practice to tremendous financial risk.

AAPC Client Services provides a full range of services designed to help you strengthen the financial health of your practice and inoculate you from the risks of audits.

Medical Chart Reviews
Evaluate the accuracy of your current documentation and coding with chart reviews. Identify missed and at-risk revenue.

ICD-10 Assessments
Chart reviews can provide an assessment of existing documentation to identify deficiencies in preparation for ICD-10.

EMR Coding / Documentation Review
Evaluation of the impact your EMR is having on your coding and documentation.

AAPC Client Services also provides:

E/M Utilization Tool
Benchmark your E/M utilization against Medicare utilization rates.  View results by specialty.

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