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2013 ICD-9 Book

2013 ICD-9-CM Vol 1-2

Diagnostic code set for physician offices and outpatient facilities
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ICD-9-CM Vol 1-2
ISBN: 978-1-937348-30-4
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Note: This book can be used for AAPC certification exams.

Our expert edition 2013 ICD-9-CM for physicians offers a comprehensive and user-friendly approach to coding at a fraction of the price of other 2013 ICD-9 books. The new design provides easy access to pertinent coding and reimbursement information with informative symbols and color coding. Coders at every level will benefit from features that are customized to meet your needs.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Highlighted coding instructional and informational notes. Recognize important code usage guidance for specific sections more easily with highlighted notes.
  • Intuitive color-coded symbols and alerts. Identify critical coding and reimbursement issues quickly with alerts on the same page as the code you need.
  • Instructional and informational note alerts. Find coding notes clearly designated for enhanced emphasis and coding accuracy.
  • Additional digit required symbols. Know when an additional fourth or fifth digit is required for code specificity and validity to avoid invalid code submissions (provided in Index and Tabular Section).
  • V-code symbols. Understand the appropriate use of V-codes that may only be sequenced as first-listed diagnosis for cleaner claim submissions.
  • Manifestation code alert. Properly use codes that represent manifestations of underlying disease by knowing when two codes are required and alerts to sequencing rules
  • “Unspecified” and ”Other Specified” code alerts. Recognize the codes that should be used with caution to reduce denied claims.
  • Age and sex edits. Be aware of which codes have restrictions on use based on age or sex of the patient to prevent claim delays and denials.
  • Hallmark page design and features. Locate information quickly with a user-friendly page design, including dictionary-style headers, Quickflip™ color bleed tabs, and legend keys.
  • HIPAA compliance. Avoid delayed or denied claims and costly fines for violations.
  • ICD-10 Spotlight. Preview ICD-10 codes with the most frequently reported ICD-9-CM codes to learn as you work.
  • AHA’s Coding Clinic and official coding guideline tips. Use citations to link to the official coding advice every coder in every health care setting must follow for ICD-9-CM and find official coding tips with the codes.
  • Illustrations and definitions. Gain in-depth understanding of anatomy and disease processes in relation to coding with clinically-oriented definitions and illustrations.  
  • Spiral binding - lays flat for easy-to-use coding

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