2016 ICD-10-CM Code Book

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ISBN: 978-1-626882-829

ICD-10 developed by coders for coders.

ICD-10-CM is the future of coding, and with ICD-10 having been implemented, you need to have the latest code set. Enjoy AAPC’s official version, widely hailed for its ease of use, features, accuracy, and affordability. Don’t be caught unprepared.

In addition to the entire ICD-10-CM code set, AAPC’s book includes:

  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 Crosswalks - Review the top 50 codes for 16 specialties, printed directly in the book (a $320 value).
  • ICD-10 Implementation Checklist - Prepare for the rollover to the new code set with this feature (a $200 value).
  • Complete Official ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines - Understand the guidelines, which are key to using this elegant code set properly, just like ICD-9-CM.
  • Complete Official ICD-10-CM - View all 21 chapters, from infectious and parasitic diseases to injuries, including external causes and reasons for visit.
  • Color-coding - Navigate this large code set easier with color-coding and logical symbols in code descriptions.
    • Gender icons
    • Age icons
    • Primary diagnosis indicators
    • Manifestation codes
    • X extender alerts
  • Color Illustrations - Code accurately with detailed color illustrations featuring essential anatomy and terminology.
  • Extension Symbols - Differentiate codes by encounter, recovery stage, or laterality with these extension symbols.
  • Intuitive Features and Format - Ease into the new classification system using intuitive visual alerts to highlight code groupings and the distinctions between code choices. Plus, added features make finding specific sections easier.
  • Official index - Steer through the new coding system with the official index to the tabular section and index to the external causes.
  • Neoplasm Table and the Table of Drugs and Chemicals - These vital tables are easy to use and help supplement expanded codes. The ICD-9-CM Hypertension Table has been converted to ICD-10-CM codes for better reporting.
  • Spiral Binding - Enjoy a book that lays flat for easy-to-use coding and durability.

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