2016 ICD-9 Hospital Book

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ISBN: 978-1-626882-812

The 2016 ICD-9-CM, Vol. 1-3 book hospital book was developed by AAPC members and includes exclusive features our members have asked us to include. ICD-10 became effective on Oct 1, 2015. This Legacy ICD-9-CM Expert edition may be the last ICD-9-CM book you own.

Loaded with information to help you easily code, adjudicate, and manage inpatient admissions, this is one of the most comprehensive ICD-9-CM books in healthcare.

AAPC Exclusives
  • Coding Guidelines Highlights - Find the highlights for coding guidelines at the beginning of each chapter in the tabular section. Full guidelines can be found at the front of the book.
  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 Crosswalks - Also included are the top 50 codes for 16 specialties.
  • ICD-10 Implementation Checklist - Get ready for ICD-10 with this feature (a $200 value).
  • Full Color Illustrations - Find body systems and code-specific illustrations in the tabular section.
  • 3-digit Code Help for Each Chapter - 3-digit category ranges are shown at the beginning of each chapter.
  • ICD-9 History -Review the changes and updates that have impacted the healthcare community since 1979.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Additional Digit Required Symbols - Learn when a fourth or fifth digit is needed for code specificity and validity to avoid invalid code submissions.
  • Adjunct Procedure Code Alerts- Discover how to correctly use ICD-9-CM procedure codes that provide added information only and cannot be used by themselves.
  • AHA's Coding Clinic and Official Coding Guideline Tips – Included citations link to the official coding advice coders in every healthcare setting must follow.
  • Diagnosis and Procedure Medicare Code Edit (MCE) Alerts– Use the color-coding and symbols to help you identify all major Medicare Code Edits (MCE) used to audit claims submitted under the inpatient prospective payment system (IPPS) for diagnosis, including unacceptable PDx, questionable admission PDx, age, sex, CC and MCC, and manifestation codes. Also find MCEs related to valid OR procedures, non-covered, limited coverage, non-operating room, bilateral edits, and sex edits.
  • Hallmark Page Design and FeaturesFeatures – Find the information you need quickly with a user-friendly page design, including dictionary-style headers, Quickflip™ color bleed tabs, and legend keys.
  • Highlighted Coding Instructional and Informational Notes – Easily identify critical code usage guidance for specific sections with highlighted notes.
  • Hospital-acquired Condition (HAC) Alerts – Learn about the conditions, when not present upon admission, will not impact DRG assignment.
  • Illustrations and Definitions– Get an in-depth understanding of anatomy and disease processes in relation to coding with clinically-oriented definitions and illustrations.
  • MCC and CC Exclusion List – Understand the principal diagnoses for which the CC or MCC designated condition will not affect MS-DRG assignment.
  • Spiral Binding – Enjoy a book that lays flat for easy-to-use coding and durability
  • Symbols Identify MCC and CC Conditions - Ensure appropriate reimbursement by reporting patient severity correctly. Know when conditions are considered a complication or comorbidity, as well as which are major CCs that impact MS-DRG assignment.