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2019 Procedure Desk Reference

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Note: This book CAN NOT be used for AAPC certification exams.

Light Reflective Paper
Intuitive Visual Alerts
Symbols/Alerts with Z Codes
New Color Coding
Appendix with Z Codes
Crosswalk Between CPT and G Codes

2019 Procedure Desk Reference

ISBN: 978-1-626886-094

Descriptions and coding tips for 9,000 CPT® codes

The 2019 Procedure Desk Reference simplifies complex procedure coding by providing easy to understand lay descriptions for more than 9,000 CPT© codes. It’s the coding help you’ve come to expect from AAPC.

Accurate coding begins with ensuring your knowledge of the procedures and the small differences that have a big impact. This valuable resource provides anatomical illustrations, billing, coding and reimbursements terms, an Evaluation and Management Survival Guide, and more.

AAPC’s difference includes these features:

  • Comprehensive CPT® code listing- 9,000 CPT® codes and lay descriptions for E/M, surgery, laboratory/pathology, radiology, and medicine codes eliminate the need for multiple resources with a one-stop resource of more than.
  • Lay descriptions- Easy to understand descriptions that include a clinical responsibility section which outlines step-by-step how the provider performs the procedure.
  • Glossary of medical terms - Definitions of more than 5,000 medical terms included in the glossary that provide you with a deeper level of understanding.
  • Modifier definitions and usage rules- Modifiers taken to the next level when paired with descriptions, coding tips and usage rules.
  • Introduction to surgery coding chapter- Expert guidance to coding surgical and procedures and common terminology.
  • Common abbreviations and eponyms-Valuable resource eliminates the need to search in a separate resource for abbreviations and eponyms found in medical charts.
  • Normal lab values and vital signs-Values and vitals aid in determining what is an abnormal or normal result, helping your reporting.
  • Basic types of anesthesia- Explanations of the anesthesia procedures to aid in better understanding and more accurate coding.
  • Spiral binding- Sturdy coils with large pages so it can be laid flat or folded back for scanning, saving space and working with other books.
  • Evaluation and Management Survival Guide-Comprehensive chapters assist in coding all types of E/M services complete with the 2019 code changes.
  • Anatomical illustrations- Color plates are the perfect companion section while reading the lay terms.

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