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Centralized Scheduling Manager Job in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Job Title: Centralized Scheduling Manager

Employer:Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
Skills:•Skill in discerning the release of information to protect community member confidentiality.
Specialties:Special Requirements – May be required to work beyond normal work hours including nights, weekends and holidays. •Employees in, and applicants applying for, jobs providing direct services to children are subject to the "Community Code of Ordinances", Chapter 11, "Minors", Article X. "Investigation of Persons Working With Children".
Required Experience:5 to 7 years
Preferred Experience:5 to 7 years
Location:10,005 E. Osborn Rd Scottsdale 85256, AZ, US
Date Posted:7/10/2019

Application instructions: To apply or view full job description go to www.srpmic-nsn.gov/employment *Resumes alone will not be accepted. This position is open until 07/25/2019

Definition: Under general administrative program supervision from the Director of Health & Human Services Department, is accountable for the effective and efficient day to day operation of the Salt River Centralized Scheduling Department, regarding patient satisfaction, health records personnel, scheduling, patient registration, referrals and data entry, business and financial matters. Responsibilities include ensuring the quality management of service delivery to patients and families, managing and directing staff, overseeing the budget and implementation of operational plans. The Centralized Scheduling Manager interfaces with external and internal services to ensure effective and efficient operations. The position is responsible for providing leadership and promoting the strategic directions and goals of the organization by applying and evaluating standards, policies, practices and procedures to the patient care services. This job class is treated as FLSA-Exempt.

Examples of Tasks:

Essential Functions: Essential functions may vary among positions and may include the following tasks and other characteristics. This list of tasks is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY and is not intended to be comprehensive listing of tasks performed by all positions in this classification.
1. Workflow, Direction and Supervision: Direct supervision of Centralized Scheduling Supervisors, Medical Support Assistants, clinical & non-clinical health support staff daily to provide direction, training, and guidance in the scheduling of patients, outbound phone calls, maintenance/update of patient records while maintaining security, confidentiality, accuracy, completeness, and accessibility of health information.

  • Develops and implements effective and efficient processes to ensure the electronic health records are maintained, paper health records are filed accurately, and scanning/filing of pertinent documents is timely.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge on regulatory changes for effective management of the health record system.
  • Coordinates, develops and implements procedures to meet the demands of the interdepartmental and external client workflow to ensure continuity of patient care.
  • Oversees entire archiving program and birth/death certificate programs to ensure complete and accurate information is collected. Maintains quality control over all chart activities.Oversees the work of tribal employees and contractors, provides clinical and technical expertise as needed.
  • Accomplishes staff results by communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising and evaluating job results; management performance through coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees, following the Community's personnel policies.  Seeks/receives input for the evaluation of work performed by employees who are outside the Manager's realm of expertise (i.e., RN etc.)
  • Identifies training needs and provides and/or arranges for needed training.
  • Approves leave requests, provides advice, counsel or instructions to employees on both work and administrative matters.
  • Evaluates and adjusts organizational, position and staffing levels to accomplish the basic mission of delivering priority care and in the provision of progressive professional services.
  • Provides supplementary support to the divisions (health records, data entry, patient registration), as necessary.

2. Organizational Management and Operation: Maintains and operates the Centralized Scheduling Department in accordance with Community and departmental standards, guidelines, policies and procedures.

  • Develops, establishes and directs implementation and execution of overall policies and procedures for the administration and operation of the Salt River Health Center.
  • Monitors and considers the effects of regulatory or other actions taken by outside entities on the health care delivery system and design ways to ensures services to Salt River Clinic are not impacted.  As needed, provides recommendations to leadership regarding service provision.
  • Analyzes, identifies and reviews the unique health care needs of the patient population served and plans, collaborates to develops and implements a health care delivery system tailored to meet these needs utilizing a collaborative approach with executive management of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
  • Maintain knowledge of current government and payer-specific regulations governing billing of patient services.
  • Maintains staff retention by ensuring the recruiting, selecting, orienting and training of employees, maintaining a safe, secure and legal work environment, developing personal growth opportunities.
  • Develops strong inter-departmental teamwork to meet the needs of the patients and providers and drive decision-making and other actions.
  • Maintains knowledge of current government and payer-specific regulations governing billing or patient services.
  • Takes the lead in the preparation of annual clinic budget including reviewing of monthly financials for budget compliance and monitoring expenditures.
  • Proactively identifies opportunities to expand revenue sources and ancillary services and reduce expenses.
  • Responsible for assuring customer/patient service needs are met.  Monitors patient service feedback and contributes to the process of resolving complaints and service issues.  Plans and initiates process improvement.
  • Ensures all equipment and other supplies utilized by staff in the department are ordered as needed.
  • Develops, recommends and implements changes to policies and procedures as necessary.
  • Responsible for OSHA, the Community's Tribal Emergency Response Commission and other regulatory training and compliance to ensure safety of working environment and Community.
  • Works with appropriate Community staff to plan, evaluate, recommend and implement new initiatives when appropriate.
  • Demonstrates strong written and verbal communication.

3. Measurement and Evaluation of Performance: Provides oversight Centralized Scheduling Staff, as such the following measures are the responsibility of the position:

  • Ensures adherence to all health record policies and procedures with review, analysis and technical evaluation of clinical records in relation to the standards.
  • Maintains quality control and coordination with patient registration, to avoid duplicate health record numbers, accurate name, identify deficient information, or obtaining clarification for re-issue of patient charts.
  • Prepares monthly statistical reports on data quality, individual staff daily input, provider counts, clinic counts, and organizational statistics.
  • Evaluates work performance, identifies training needs/opportunities, and ensures training is provided to allow subordinates to be successful in their responsibilities.

4. Patient Eligibility/Interaction: Performs the duties of the medical support assistants, and becomes the escalation point for patient concerns.

  • Performs patient registration interviews and appointment scheduling face-to-face and over the phone.
  • Gathers registration information for third-party resources.
  • Receives and responds to inquiries and makes appropriate referrals of questions pertaining to patient data.
  • Routes patients for services when required

5. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics:

  • Knowledge of the culture, customs, traditions, history and government of the Salt River Pima- Maricopa Indian Community.
  • Knowledge of health records systems and methodology (e.g., chart assembly, analysis, statistical reporting, etc.) used by health facilities in order to convert medical data for statistical reporting.
  • Knowledge of established laws and protocols concerning health record confidentiality in order to protect, control and maintain the integrity of the health record.
  • Knowledge of administrative/clerical procedures and systems (e.g. equipment, file management, software programs, etc.) in order to effectively manage the Health records Department.
  • Skill in discerning the release of information to protect community member confidentiality.
  • Ability to communicate and maintain effective working relationships with healthcare personnel in order to provide quality care.
  • Ability to meet and comply with HIPAA/Confidentiality policies and procedures and ability to handle highly confidential and sensitive patient information.
  • Ability to manage employees in a high-stress environment.
  • Ability to use excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to manage multiple and diverse people and tasks in stressful situations.
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative and use good judgment.

Education: High school diploma or GED required; 4-year college degree preferred.

Experience: Minimum of 5 years full-time work experience managing and leading staff.

  • Experiencing working with health record, referrals and scheduling preferred
  • 5 years' experience (minimum) with employee performance management (e.g., evaluations, technical assistance, corrective action, etc.)

Equivalency - Any equivalent combination of experience that will allow the applicant to satisfactorily perform the duties of the job may be considered when filling the position. 

Special Requirements – May be required to work beyond normal work hours including nights, weekends and holidays.

  • Employees in, and applicants applying for, jobs providing direct services to children are subject to the 'Community Code of Ordinances', Chapter 11, 'Minors', Article X. 'Investigation of Persons Working With Children'.


10005 E Osborn Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85256

Reference #: 101005

Pay Rate: $73,258 to $102,562/year 

Application instructions: To apply or view full job description go to www.srpmic-nsn.gov/employment *Resumes alone will not be accepted. This position is open until 07/25/2019


Application instructions: To apply or view full job description go to www.srpmic-nsn.gov/employment *Resumes alone will not be accepted. This position is open until 07/25/2019

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