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Certified Medical Clinic Coder Job in Hudson, Wisconsin

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Job Title: Certified Medical Clinic Coder

Employer:Hudson Physicians
Specialties:Procedural and Diagnostic Coding
Required Certifications:CCS-P,CPC
Required Experience:1 to 2 years
Preferred Experience:3 to 4 years
Location:403 Stageline Road Hudson 54016, WI, US
Date Posted:3/25/2019

JOB SUMMARY: The primary purpose of this position is to review both procedural (CPT-4) and diagnostic (ICD-10) coding to ensure healthcare services that are provided are billed correctly and insurance regulations are adhered to. The position will be staffed during clinic hours.


1.      Have an in-depth understanding of coding and compliance rules and regulations

2.      Responsible for reviewing provider documentation, coding and posting all charges for healthcare services; specialties include Primary Care, OBGYN, General Surgery, Lab/Pathology and more

3.      Review, code and post charges for hospital outpatient and inpatient services

4.      Work CCI/LMRP edits, claims manager rules and coding related denials

5.      Provide coding education (HCPCS, ICD-10 and CPT) to providers and staff

6.      Analyze reports to capture missing charges, reasons of denials

7.      Keep current knowledge of government and commercial insurance changes for legislation regarding billing compliance issues

8.      Assist patients and staff with coding and pricing issues

9.      Participate in department meetings, educational seminars and trainings

10.   Perform other duties as assigned


1.      Maintain confidentiality

2.      Maintain positive and respectful attitude while supporting the clinic vision

3.      Work effectively under pressure in a fast pace environment

4.      Remain flexible and adapt to changes in work priorities, while adhering to policies and procedures

5.      Work independently using good judgment and prioritization skills

6.      Attend relevant training sessions, department and employee meetings

7.      Abide by clinic protocols, ergonomic recommendations and OSHA standards

8.      Maintain a neat and well-groomed professional appearance

9.      Assist and support team members with various duties; may include research, data entry, scanning, mailing or faxing


1.      Is subject to interruptions, imposed deadlines and frequent problem-solving activities

2.      May be subject to hostile and emotionally upset patients, staff, and personnel from other agencies.

3.      Standard office environment and may have the ability to work from home


1.      Abide by ergonomic recommendations of the position

2.      Must possess sight/hearing senses, or use prosthetic devices that will enable these senses to function adequately

3.      Sit for several hours

4.      Subject to lifting and carrying supplies averaging 25 lbs. (i.e. cartons of paper, medical supplies, office supplies, etc.)

5.      Repetitive motions involving use of keyboard and phone


Please visit our website www.hudsonphysicians.com and click on the careers tab. Must be within 50 miles of Hudson, WI. Submit resume to msell@hudsonphysicians.com

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