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Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate Job in Rosemont, Illinois

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Job Title: Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate

Skills:coding,billing,quality,registry,health policy
Specialties:oral and maxillofacial surgery, dentistry
Preferred Certifications:CPC
Required Experience:1 to 2 years
Preferred Experience:3 to 4 years
Location: Rosemont 60018, IL, US
Date Posted:6/18/2019

The Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate is responsible for developing and maintaining the association’s library of coding and billing resources related to oral and maxillofacial surgery   The Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate is also the association’s primary coding associate and is responsible for responding to member coding and reimbursement inquiries by providing guidance on proper code selection, coding and billing guidance, and appeal advice. 

 The Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate will serve as part of the registry team and maintain applicable member resources and tools.  This requires detail-oriented team member who can capture requirements, plan, execute, and finalize registry projects that ultimately help and improve upon registry goals. The ideal candidate has the key ability to follow a project through from inception to execution, by working with our internal staff, our registry committee and our technology partner.  This Staff Associate should have the ability to monitor Medicare, Medicaid, and private payer policies affecting the specialty, including issues related to physician quality improvement measures and activities. This Staff Associate will assist with the development and implementation of quality improvement activities and resources for the specialty as needed.

In addition, the Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate assists the Manager with monitoring Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) updates, Medicare’s Medically Unlikely Edits, and any updates made to the medical claim by the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) and the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI).  The Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate is responsible for alerting the Manager of changes related to coding and / or reimbursement policies that would impact the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery so that proper member notice may be arranged.  The Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate may also serve as a staff liaison to the ADA’s Code Maintenance Committee, as required and assists the manager and advisors with preparing code proposals and meeting minutes.   This position must also stay abreast of initiatives stemming from third-party dental and medical payers including both Medicare and Medicaid and their initiative, including the Accountable Care Act, Medicare incentive programs, and other health reform activities.

 The Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate is accountable for writing bimonthly articles for our various online and print publications.  In addition, the Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate is responsible for maintaining and revising the resources available on the appropriate and corresponding sections of the web site.  This position is also responsible for maintaining the electronic logging of member inquiries in order to identify coding and reimbursement trends. 

The Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate, provides year-round staff support to the Committee on Health Care Policy, Coding, and Reimbursement (CHCPR); including assistance with coordinating CHCPR member projects, committee meeting logistics, and meeting / conference call agendas and writing reports. 

The Coding, Reimbursement and Registry Staff Associate may also handle miscellaneous projects as directed by the Manager and/or the Associate Executive Director.


·       Strong verbal and written communication skills

·       Ability to work independently but collaboratively

·       Ability to handle complex coding and billing issues

·       Excellent organizational, time and project management skills

·       Knowledge of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and Current Dental Terminology   

 (CDT) coding systems and Internal Classification of Diseases (ICD) coding system

·       Knowledge of medical and dental terminology and physiology

·       General knowledge of OMS, medical or dental clinical practice, specific familiarity with frequently utilized procedures

·       Experience with data analysis, electronic health records, practices management and / or registry solutions.

·       Knowledge of government and private payor policies

·       Experience with outcome research, and/or clinical registry projects is a plus.

·       Familiarity with National Quality Forum, measurement endorsement process, and the overall quality measurement landscape

·       Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

·       Understanding of basic marketing skills



·       Develop and maintain resources to assist the membership with coding and reimbursement

·       Respond to member inquiries on issues related to coding and reimbursement

·       Maintain tracking system on coding and reimbursement inquiries for trend analysis

·       Notify membership of changes in coding and health policy

·       Provide technical and staff support to the Committee on Healthcare Policy, Coding and Reimbursement

·       Assist with the implementation of the in-person and on-line coding courses and webinars

·       Assist with the preparation and coordination of new/revised code proposals

·       Serve as primary coding inquiry liaison through phone and email requests

·       Monitor the NUCC, WEDI, HHS and Correct Coding Initiative activities

·       Monitor and refresh coding and reimbursement resources page of AAOMS website

·       Update AAOMS Coding and Reimbursement Library as necessary

·       Support manager in addressing issues related to data set definitions or measures/metrics.

·       Assist with research, analytics and registry reporting with respect to quality and outcome measures/metrics. with external stakeholder (e.g., private payer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, health systems, etc.) programs.

·       Coordinate the development, implementation, and update of performance reports and ad hoc projects for the registry.

·       Prepare training materials (training manuals, FAQs, reference guides) to assist participants with data collection and report interpretation.

·       Coordinate/assist in the content development and logistics of registry related workshops, meetings, and/or conferences as necessary.

·       Work closely with the manager to organize regular communication via newsletters, memos, emails and websites to ensure that participants are oriented to the Registry and aware of upcoming changes or need for action. 

·       Participate in national conferences, association meetings and offsite participant recruitment efforts, as appropriate and/or directed.




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